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Fantástico melhor jogo que eu ja joguei para Android de terror english:fantastic best game i ever played for android horror

But play on Android can't use the key to open the door.

damn this game looked way better than the original wish he didnt make you stop, just cuz his original was lame.

Hello, nice to meet you.

Is it OK to monetize this work and perform it live on Youtube?

Deleted 145 days ago

dude, this game is amazing, please keep working on the project

salve do Brazil 


Sorry for bad English.I literally made an account on itch just to write this comment.I passed the demo and it was great,pls continue your work!


How can i run on android?

Thats the thing, You cant

Sucks the creator didn't want this to continue, this seemed really promising.

I hope you have more luck in any other things you decide to make.

hi mortis

I was really excited when I played this! ima huge fan of Ao Oni and you Did a great job translating the game into 3D! A real shame the original creator wouldn't let you continue this project, but oh well.

the concept is good tbh sucks you didnt get permission for it though it probably wouldve looked better then it is now

jogo muito bom, mesmo sendo uma demonstração é muito bom parabéns aos desenvolvedores !.

very interesting port, super scary but well done, there are some bugs and the door system is a bit confusing at the beginning, but the game itself is great. well done! Waiting for the complete version

I turn the corner and shit myself bc ao oni's hand grabbed my face

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How do I open inventory on the apk version

it was really well made! it bring me back to my old gamer times

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Is Aoni game 18 years old? GRB 18

Or is it for evaluation?          

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oh no oh no... I know that development was stopped, but why was the development stopped?


Sad... Waiting the full game since the start of development... and...

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Hello! Admin AO. What is the reason 3d was discontinued! How hard I try to wait for the full version... Developers are asking me to develop again! Refurbish Now!

What is in the update? The game said it got one but there are no patch notes 

Hello! When will the full version of Aoni 3d be released?



I absolutely loved this. Looking forward to the end result

Really good game !

What is your game engine ?

My part 1 to this game was received so well so I posted another one!!! Thank you so much for making this game, this 3d experience is awesome!

This game is really impressive!!! Ao oni is a legendary game and to play it in 3D is amazing, i look forward to making this a series on my channel! I can't wait to see what you make in the future! Good luck!

Hey i played the game and I thought it was amazing!!!!!!!! hope you finish it at some point because ao oni is epic!!!!!!!!!

I am a Japanese AOONI fan.
I think this game is very nice because the atmosphere of the original is well reproduced.
I have a question that I would like to ask. Do you plan to convert ver1,0,ver3,0,ver5,2,AOONI2,AOONI3 into 3D after the completion of this work?

I am not sure but maybe I will one day but for right now I am working on the full game so stay tuned! Also thanks for the question I really appreciate it!

This is brilliant, I absolutely love it, hope you will make full version soon. 

Good luck!



I've tried it out, it's pretty good so far, but could definitely use more textures and sounds. Other than that it looks pretty good so far!

The game is very good.  It really looks a lot like the original game.  I know the game is in beta and you are working hard on it, but you could add a language system where the player can choose which language he wants to play in.  I am Brazilian and I love these types of games, if you can translate the game into Portuguese, we Brazilians would be grateful.  Not only Brazilians but also other people who do not understand English.  Thank you.


I left a short message for you at the end of the gameplay (at 16:45), and a short message of encouragement in the description, But in case you don't want to look at those, PLEASE KEEP DEVELOPING THIS GAME! This is such a great game, and I seriously LOVE the 3D aspect that you've made!

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Finished it today, so few words from me.

The idea to make Ao Oni 3D is cool, though there are a lot of things that need to get fixed:

-texts need spellcheck

-walls can bug you and teleport to different place.

-the camera is quite bad, i would prefer more freedom without being forced to look at certain things. It also slowly goes down idk why.

-afaik controls aren't consistent - once 1 is for climbing onto chair and then it changes 1 to moving the chair.

-clicking the item on inventory automatically combines it with the other one. Like come on - I am the one that is supposed to complete the puzzle.

-maybe instead of copying the game 1:1 you would add some extra stuff/locations/items/puzzles?


I am Japanese. I played this game. I have faithfully reproduced the Japanese 2D version of ao oni, and I love this game. Youtuber also played this game and has become quite famous in Japan. Waiting for the retail version! Please do your best!

Nice remake! Really enjoy it, but there was some bugs. Waiting for full release!

The memories.. The pure..crazy..unadulterated MEMORIES!!! WAAAAAH NO CLOSET CHASE!  Love the project though, hope to see more! 


I made a video with your game included in it! (Please don't take any insults towards the game seriously, it's all done for the purpose of entertainment)

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